Video Conferencing & Audio Visual Solutions from AVT Solutions

Change the way you communicate & interact through our world-class audio visual solutions

Digital Signage

AVT Solutions can provide you with an end to end digital signage solution, from content management and hardware, to installation and content.

We source the right display and combine it with the correct software and media players to offer a solutions that meets your needs.

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Managed Services

With our Managed Services offerings, we can provide you with onsite dedicated full time support to oversee and manage your fully integrated collaboration system.

We also have the technology and manpower to manage your system offsite, from monitoring power consumption, lighting, room scheduling, trouble shooting and much more.

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Video Conferencing

AVT Solutions is a national visual communications specialist who sets the standard for video conferencing solutions, telepresence, audio visual integration and collaboration AND visualisation solutions.

Together with our customers, we create dynamic, collaborative and connected ways of working to better business performance goals and growth.

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Audio Visual

Having good quality audio and video is essential in the modern boardroom where presentations and video conferencing form an essential part of the way you communicate.

AVT Solutions draws from a wide range of products to ensure that we can offer the best audio visual solution for your needs.

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Audio Visual Technology in Education

Audio Visual Technology in education is something that is embraced in all our classrooms because the benefits are evident. The first benefit is that education becomes far more stimulating and interactive which encourages learning.

The second advantage is that by exposing students to technology at a young age will help them gain valuable skills that they will utilise later on in life.

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Boardroom Automation

Control all of the electronic equipment in your boardroom, and more from an intuitive touch panel. This eliminates the need for you or your clients and staff to familiarise themselves with complex equipment and manuals, simply choose a task and press a button.

This intuitive control is now available on iPads, as well as many other mobile devices.

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Our Clients

Parliament of Cape Town
University of Cape Town
J. Walter Thomson

Why Choose Us

AVT Solutions was founded in 2006 by a group of electrical engineers that wanted to change the communications industry by improving service delivery to our customers through offering expertise that are based on taking an experienced and knowledgeable approached to both the system design and the installation of audio visual solutions. Where as most companies are focused on retail and just moving boxes, we enjoy the simplicity that technology can bring to ones business, and we want to see our customers have the same enjoyment.

With branches in both Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg, AVT Solutions is truly a South African company, and is dedicated to providing our customers with high quality, reliable, cost effective and user-friendly audio visual solutions for their technology needs.
Our specialty is boardroom audio visual solutions – we see these as a group of technologies that although technical in themselves, aims to reduce the complexity of the technology that you need to interact with, and promote ease of communication both internally and externally. We believe that doing a 1 day course on IT is not enough to develop the skills required to design and implement a good system, and as such our programmers and system designers not only have an approved formal engineering qualification, but must also have at least 5 years of relevant experience.
AVT Solutions is committed to providing equal opportunities for all its employees and suppliers, and in uplifting previously disadvantaged communities. In line with this we are proud to have been awarded BEE level 2 certification (100% procurement recognition level).