Voice Evacuation Systems

Voice Evacuation Systems

Voice Evacuation SystemsIn emergency situations these systems are used to divide a building or premises into separate zones and, during an evacuation, zones in the building are ‘spoken to’ individually, several at a time, or all at once. People in the specific zone are informed – via the spoken word – what is happening and what to do. These phased voice evacuation systems help to evacuate buildings in a controlled and safe manner. The system itself is continually monitored by a built-in checking mechanism which ensures that, when it counts, the system will work.

Meeting legal standards of Safety

Voice Evacuation Systems

We supply and install voice evacuation systems that are fully compliant with the most stringent safety standards in the world. EN-54 is the European legal standard of safety compliance for fire detection, alarms and evacuation, and these regulations are setting the worldwide standard. South African legislation is continually being reviewed and developed to bring the industry up to the levels of accountability currently enforced in EN-54, and is quickly moving towards enforcing either full or part compliancy of these standards.

Most insurance companies demand at least part compliancy with EN-54, especially on business premises where a large number of people are gathered and the risk of fatalities in the event of a fire or emergency is high. Facilities Managers are also realising these dangers, and are ensuring their buildings meet EN-54 safety standards to mitigate the risks of fatalities and provide themselves with sufficient legal protection from lawsuits if a tragedy did occur.We manage voice evacuation systems from the design stage to the programming and commissioning, through to providing customers with full system training. We also offer comprehensive service and maintenance level agreements on all the systems we install so customers always have the peace of mind that their systems are being properly maintained.

Buildings still at design stage

We can carry out extensive acoustic room modelling using proprietary software packages to ensure that your voice evacuation system design will meet your specification requirements.

If your voice evacuation system cannot meet requirements because of architectural or acoustic constraints, we will provide you with scientific evidence.

Pre-installed systems

Our services include commissioning exercises to determine the electro-acoustic performance of your existing voice evacuation system. This usually entails speech intelligibility measurement and audibility testing.

Voice evacuation systems in Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa.

Our Voice Evacuation Compliance

Voice Evacuation Systems

The audibility and intelligibility requirements of a voice evacuation system can be stringent, so it’s critical that your voice evacuation system is designed and specified properly.

We examine your specification requirements closely including any for minimum sound pressure levels or post installation speech intelligibility testing (STI testing, RASTI testing).

In addition we undertake a detailed evaluation of the space in which the voice evacuation system will serve. This is often the determining factor in compliance with any performance specification and/or relevant standards.